Coolroom Installation and Repair

A refrigerating chamber or a “COOLROOM” is an essential part of a business that requires a certain temperature to be maintained throughout a chamber for storing goods. Preserving product is the most important thing for a business to ensure that the quality of service promised to the customer is not compromised. Likewise, it is important for us at Agility Fridge Repairs, to help you maintain that standard.

Any repair or maintenance your coolroom requires, you have to call the best qualified technicians in town that understand the importance of getting it running as soon as possible without you loosing any business even for a day!

Coolroom Installation

Your business is dependent on the choice you make!

Specially, when it comes to installing the most suitable coolroom depending on the different refrigeration needs your business has.

Our experienced coolroom technicians provide high quality and efficient service making sure that every standard has been followed during the installation of the coolroom. Moreover, we deliver customized solutions for your coolroom requirements. We guarantee that only the best components are used throughout the process. Starting from pipe work to installing an evaporator and a condenser unit, a controller to maintain temperature, vacuum and welding, every work, every step, will be the best!

Coolroom Maintenance

Once you have the coolroom you desire, it is imperative to have it regularly maintained to avoid any malfunction. Any unnecessary breakdown can be avoided, risking all the fresh produce, by calling Agility Fridge Repairs.

We provide regular maintenance service catering your wish of having a successful business all year round. In addition to service parts of the coolroom, we can increase robustness of the whole system by identifying potential risks and put a stop to it. With us, you are looking at the most efficient and reliable service you can get.

Coolroom Repair

There is always a possibility of having a breakdown that can damage all the products stored in a coolroom. The immediate response to these types of situations is to call experienced and qualified technicians that can help you recover from any loss that you may incur. Here we come in!

We provide 24/7 service with an aim to make your coolroom fully functional again. To ensure that your time and loss is valued by us, we carry spare parts like sealant, light bulbs, shelves, panels, latches, suspension and locks and many more in our van. This enables for speedy repair service.

So, give us a call at Agility Fridge Repairs and book us for installation, maintenance or repairs of coolroom. We are best at what we do!

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